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Welcome to Phil Randles Contemporary Striking Images

About Phil



Phil has always painted and been involved in the art community in the area but after developing successful careers firstly in advertising becoming director of several high profile international agencies then
as a magazine/online publisher; Phil is now developing a growing reputation as an artist with a particular distinctive style.

“I have been painting and drawing since early teens.  Since working for myself the object has always been to become a full time artist. The pleasing irony is that I now produce my best work early in the
morning at a time I used to ‘waste’ commuting to work in London.

“Although I stray from time to time the main theme to the work is figurative the aim of which is to simply use parts of faces and bodies to provide the frame to apply exciting colour combinations.  It is the juxtaposition of bright, strong  pastel colour on a background of acrylic washes that typifies the paintings.  The intention is unashamedly to create a powerful impact on the viewer using strong colour combinations and unusual croppings of the body.  Very often the picture is conceived with just two colours reacting together and I then search for a format as a vehicle for the colour combination.  The end result may take a different direction but it is hopefully dramatic and powerful in terms of imagery and colour.”

“In all cases I aim to produce images that are striking both
in terms of subject matter and colour combinations.  I believe that art in whatever form should ‘move’ and affect the viewer.  Love it or hate it art should stand out and be seen.”